Readin’, Writin’ and Rithmatic’

I bitch (to myself mostly) that I never find time to read or write anymore. Work takes up so much time, and then, of course, there’s family, friends and fun stuff, but I lament the loss of ‘nothing’ time. While on vacation in Duxbury, Steph and I spent no time on the internet and no time watching the Boob Tube, which made quality alone time easier. So, I’ve been watching less TV (doesn’t hurt that there’s nothing on), reading more, etc.

I also realize that I read pretty much constantly during a normal day. Work e-mail, scientific and technical journal articles, etc. Hell, is even suggesting I read more pharmaceutical and business books because, lately I find myself reading those types of things a lot.

As for writing, I do a lot of technical writing – everything from authoring powerpoints to commenting on (and writing de novo) proposals for work. I just don’t get much time to do the creative writing – probably because the beginning and end of a creative assignment (even if self inflicted) are much fuzzier than those for writing a proposal.

Neil Gaiman’s bookshelves fill me with envy. I wonder if he’s really read all those things, or, more importantly if he can remember the stories in them.



My fantasy league drafted last night – I did pretty well, although I do have to root for Peyton…

Great Opening Lines in SciFi

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” — William Gibson, Neuromancer.

io9 has a cool post on great opening lines in science fiction. Just looking through it reminds me that I have some classics to re-read.