NaNoWriMo 2008 is over!

My most earnest attempt at NaNoWriMo, and … I did it:

I am now taking a break from Ace Sheridan and science fiction, and trying my hand at something more … conventional. My brain is a bit broken after writing all that and eating all the turkey possible. Grats to all the other Boston area NaNoWriMoers!

Top Eleven Ways Not to Write Your Book

From the Gotham Writer’s Workshop.  I will admit I’m guilty of many of these sins.  Especially:

11. Read every book and magazine article ever published on how to write. Buy every tape. Make notes. Cross-index. Memorize all the rules. If you break one, you’re in big trouble.

Looking at my desk I have no less than 6 books on writing.  Not that I write often or well, but I’ll be damned if the Border’s section that houses these things doesn’t get my attention everytime.

And, of course my number one is the same as the list’s:

1. Wait for inspiration.

I know the drill.  If you want to be a writer you have to write.  Not yesterday, but now.  What I do, and I think many people do, is sit around waiting for the muse to come to me.  You can’t wait for her.  You have to get her enticed to sit on your shoulder by putting the characters who are already out there on paper.  The muse will come.  (And no, she’s not a bottle of good Spanish red wine).