Picadilly Records Magic Mix

I just ran into something interesting. Reading the Stray Thoughts section of Warren Ellis’ (superb) blog, I discovered the Piccadilly Records site, where you can Magic Mix a bunch of tracks. Interesting way to find new music.

So many other things to blog about: home, work, writing, reading, fantasy football, the slow demise of summer, I just have a con call in 10 minutes 🙁

Sixty Four Comes In Peace at RileySmile.com

Happy Fourth of July! It’s been a good week. And now, I’m on vacation. Going to a family thing later today, then we are packing up our stuff to spend a week on the cape! Very exciting.

RileySmile posted a new dance track, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I am going to clean up this house and get going. If I don’t blog, well, its because of vacation! Woohoo! I am honestly trying to unplug for an entire week. Will I start shaking? Who knows.