Ogres Rule

This has been yet another busy day, with phone calls and WebEx’s and some actual coding (oh my!).  Tonight will be spent doing a Fantasy Football draft – and … of course I haven’t done anything at all to prepare for it. 


Picture from here via here.

Get Your Hands Dirty



From here.  I love the idea behind this poster (and you should follow the link to see what the whole thing really looks like).  I do find it funny, however, that I … don’t really get my hands dirty – unless of course the cat is on the keyboard.  I’m all digital all the time, which is … interesting.  I do write in my notebook, but I’ve started working in Evernote all the time for work, and I’m moving towards Evernote for personal things as well.  I like being able to search, cut and paste, etc.  I do get my hands dirty when I’m in the garden, but this oppressively wet summer didn’t allow for much of that.  My next home project includes making an old door into a chalkboard with chalkboard paint, and building a better changing table. 

Today has been a complete and utter Monday for me – I forgot my blackberry, my ipod, my lunch … and half my brain it seems. Weather is beautiful, but certainly not summer.  



Last night we had a great dinner in the North End – although the feast of St. Anthony made it hard for us to get home.  I’ll let Stephanie blog about the food, but here’s a teaser:


That’s right, three cannolis, an espresso and some Grand Marnier.  Life is good.


Here’s the parade that went by…